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MapStand Global Energy Database

The MapStand database is a new entrant into the E&P and Renewable Energy data space. Since 2018 the MapStand team have been building activity maps and gathering data from around the world in order to publish the first up-to-date and accurate activity map. MapStand layers are free to use for all enabling us to become the a global standard, freeing companies up to share, exchange and interact with the data in new and innovative ways.

Our approach will enable us to build a new global network of companies and government agencies who benefit from a more transparent and readily available dataset. Our layers will be used and scrutinized by and ever-growing community of users and continually updated using the latest technologies for unparalleled speed and reliability.

Whether you are accessing our datasets through our website, cloud platform or custom dashboard you will have direct access to our support team. We also have an ever growing knowledge base, forum and FAQ or feel free to contact our support team by email